Health Сare
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In hospitals and medical facilities around the world, instant identification and accountability of all patient-related information is now a universal mandate. 

Retail more

Barcoding technology is an essential component of a lean, agile retail business. Keeping goods moving and monitoring them on their path simultaneously is a struggle for many businesses. 

Logistic & Transportation
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Keeping track of products throughout the entire distribution process is essential to controlling costs, managing inventory and ensuring the quick and reliable delivery of goods. 

Manufacturing more

In manufacturing industries, resources or raw materials go through dozens of checks and inspections to ensure their stability and quality. These tests are recorded for verification purposes, allowing inspectors to monitor the status and consistency of specific batches. 

Government more

The use of barcoding technology is already widespread for some functions within the public sector, such as in libraries, with the process of checking in and checking out books and other materials. 

Travel & Leisure
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Whether you’re managing a ticketing service, concert hall, sports arena or any other venue that holds regular events, barcode technology can be utilized for your specific business applications.

Special Materials
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Godex provides a complete series of barcode printers that could be accompanied with different accessories such as cutters, label peelers, and applicators.