Service & Support

Service Policy

GoDEX provides its customers with the highest quality of customer service and technical support in the industry. When you contact GoDEX, you immediately contact real people who are qualified and motivated to serve you. No voice activated decision trees, no messages, no delays, and no fees; just great service. To enjoy the GoDEX service experience, just call us or send us an e-mail and you will get the personal high quality service you deserve and the prompt answers you expect.

Product Repair

GoDEX has built a global network of dedicated premium partners worldwide and is continuing expanding the network. Our partners have distinguished themselves with excellent customer service and have always pride themselves with fast response time. Please contact one of our professional GoDEX staffs should you have any questions regarding product repair.


Warranty period may differ regionally, please kindly check with your point of purchase. Warranty invalid if damage/dysfunction caused by improper handling/usage, destruction.Warranty invalid if printer has been disassembled by end-user or non-GoDEX-authorized repair centers.

Product Return

Product return policies may differ regionally; please kindly check with your point of purchase.

Discontinued Products